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tv   BBC World News  PBS  February 17, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its
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global expertise to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> crackdown in bahrain, security forces attack anti-government protesters. at least four people have been killed. the main hospital reports ambulances were stopped from tending to the injured. and more overnight unrest and death. welcome to "bbc world news." i'm david eades. also coming up on the program. uncertainty in the middle east and fears over disruption of oil in the middle east. and a computer called watson beats two contestants on a popular american quiz show.
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hello. at least four people are now reported to have died as police in bahrain use force to dis burse protesters. security forces moved in before dawn. they say police opened fire without warning on demonstrators gathered in the square. they refuse reports that they denied ambulances access to the hospitals to treat the injured. >> the police moved in without warning around 3:00 a.m. local time storming into the square where hundreds of people were spending the night tents. firing tear gas and rubber bullets. the security forces were said
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to have been clearing the square after exhausting all other routes of clearing the protesters. >> we did not harm anyone this protester said. we were sleepinging when they surprised us and attacked us. dental strarets fled as police chased them. hospitalings treated dozens of people. in the light of day the square, which had been renamed liberation square by activists after the focal points in egypt said the tents were abandon. banquets and rubbish scattered. the opposition condemned the police
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>> there's more than one way to avoid such confrontation and killing said this man. whoever took that position was aiming to kill. he said that what had happened was real terrorism. tents and personnel carriers could be seen on the streets. it was the first indication of military involvement on the crisis. many want more jobs and houses and the freing of political detainees. their intention of heading the protesting off looks increasingly clear. >> an eyewitness who was in the square during the course of the crackdown last night spoke to me from a hospital and described some kay outic scenes. >> i'm here in the hospital. and there's a very big
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demonstration here. doctors and nurses and the rescuers. they took all the ambulances from this department. they took all the ambulances. there's the crime committed against the people of bahrain. they don't want home the rescue any people. there are people injured in the road. nobody can help them. there is a quote from the bhood bank urging people to come donate blood. there's a shortage over blood. >> are you saying that there are no-no ambulances to bring anyone to the hospital? >> they stopped the ambulances. i saw them behind one building in the hospital. they stopped all the ambulances. the minister issued an order not to carry any wounded from this demonstration. >> well, that was saeed who was at the demonstrations.
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joined on the line the leader of the national democratic society and demonstration. we been getting eyewitness accounts of what happened last night. what is your response to the crackdown? >> well, the demonstration, this is a day of insanity. whoever raided the square is insane. whoever executed the top rank and whoever put the army in the streets, these people are armless and without defense. they demonstrated peacefully, one of the most peaceful demonstrations in the history of bahrain. not a single person had been hurt. yet people are attacked in the middle of the night while half of them are asleep. the ministry is saying they gave warning. how do you give warning to
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sleeping people? how do you give warning without waking them up first? >> one way or another the protesters were overwhelmed, overpowered. thesk removed and the scare has been shut off. will they come out again? >> i'm sure the will of the people is not broken. they can bring as many military, but the people will not be broken. we vow to continue. we are not going to be a slave to the ruling family. we are equal. and we want to have equal rights to the ruling family. >> the latest we heard was parliament has decideds the not going to debate today the issue of possible reforms as suggested by the king. what do you make of that? >> the parliament was probably
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told not to meet today by the king itself. so the parliament does not have its own decision. the parliament does not meet today? did not meet yesterday or in the last few days? what kind of parliament do stpwheff we don't have a parliament for the people. we have a parliament against the people. >> what you are faced with now is a situation where it's going to be extremely difficult to get people out on the streets and coordinate. >> not at all. people are outside the emergency wards. people are preparing for the funerals. we have four confirmed deaths right now. we probably will have more by the end of the day. we are going to do what's necessary to change this into a democratic country. even some of us will lose our lives and struggle to achieve that goal. >> and what will it take for
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these protests to come to an end. what do you need for these protests to come to an end? >> simply what you have in the u.k., propering -- properly-functioning democracy. >> ti very much indeed. -- thank you very much indeed. well, we are going to have the latest from bahrain a little later in our program. this day of anger, as we've spoken about now. virtual catch phrase and the opponents of the libyan regime are preparing for their day of anger. demonstrations which are likely to follow after the unrest in libya. reports there of 2,000 people mayor whiching on government offices and violence flairing
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up. let's get a sense of whats that going to amount to. i'm joined by a libyan journalist. thank you for joining us. we have not mentioned tripoli, but do you get a sense that this is a nationwide movement? >> yes. we are waiting. the big revolt, we hope will be in tripoli. since this morning it's calm. tripoli is calm. the word there were skirmishes with some students, but i think it will spread. >> do you think tripoli is the key, symbolically to what is success? in the process? >> yes. but i believe as well it has strength, because it's the city
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of -- through the years against the regime. now there's news in other cities there is some revolt. and as you mentioned in bader. bader is a big revolt there. >> and we've heard of clampdowns nonetheless. i presume you would expect more of the same if this day of anger materializes. >> yes. and they >> they are ready to die for their freedom. this is a day of anger. they call it a day of anger and freedom. that's the slogan they use. in bader, i have to point out that there were snipers who were killing people. died in the city of bader.
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so i believe it's going to go now. and nobody's going to stop them. and tv, nobody's going to break their will. >> just very briefly, what is it going to take for you for these pro fests to come to an end? >> well, for us, we have been here in exile for a long time. myself, i've been here 36 years in this country. i want to go home and start a democracy in our country. so hopefully it will be really soon. >> thank you very much for joining us. here on "bbc world news." we are of course following the events in africa, the middle east and in the gulf. it started off because of anger over food prices and unemployment. it spread to egypt and it's mushroomed into a whole series of anti-establishment protests.
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if you want to stay up to date with all the developments, you can go to we are keeping a very regular pathe on all the events, as they happen. as protests spread throughout north africa and the middle east, anti-government rallies were held in yemen. at least one person was reported dead after government loyalists confronted protesters in the capital wednesday. protesters were demanding the resignation of the president. in algeria, one of the founding fathers stayed president is no longer capable of addressing the nation's challenges. after radical change was said to be needed after 50 years. ok. time to have a look at the business now. aaron's here. well, it's related business,
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isn't it? >> yes. where the unrest lies is unrest across the region. of course the region very important for oil production. global supply of oil production. we're starting to see it have a knock on the effects. in london oil $104 at the moment and u.s. light crude $85 a barrel. for example, you start seeing unrest in libya. libya is the eighth largest oil production in the region but in libya, that represents 36% global production and holds 61% of the world's oil reves. david, i had an analyst and middle east expert a couple weeks ago as the egyptian unrest was unfolding. i asked where is the big worry of this spreading? he said bahrain.
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if this goes to bahrain, if they start kicking up, they are right across the border from saudi arabia. there's a large population and they pretty much dominate and live within the oil-producing region of saudi arabia. so we're talking to an expert inry idea. also going to be talking about necessarily and other profits. they saw a fourfold increase in that. >> you're watching "bbc world news." plenty more to come including a holiday tragedy. 11 foreigners on a and a tour guide are killed as a boat sinks in. i suppose there's no more vivid example than in the subject of death. as part of the bbc extreme world series, one of the poorest countries in the world.
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sierra lee-on-. >> death comes to us all but comes sooner to sierra lee-on-. life expectancy is roughly half that of rich western countries. mismanagement and the war that raged here in the 1990's have left rural people without access to the most basic health care. >> some end their lives here. the only clinic in the whole country with the license to administer the pain-relieving drug, morphine. this is not an easy place to work. >> life and death in the capital of the town are a different story. >> there are funerals that take place like this one taking place behind me of middle class people who grew to a ripe old age. what pulls down the average is
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the fact that so many mothers and children die in childbirth. >> free care for all pregnant women was introduced two years ago. scrult this maternity hospital is always full. 17-year-old maryannea was brought here because her unborn child was lying awkwardly in the womb. doctors told me in a rural setting she and the baby would certainly have demide child birth. but she and her baby have made it. life expectancy in sierra will he own has just nudged up a little bit. >> this is "bbc world news," the headlines this hour. armed police in bahrain are patroling the streets of the capital after using tear gas
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and rubber bullets to break up an anti-government protest overnight. reports of clashes between police and demonstrators between the two libyan cities, activists are planning mass protests in the course of today. more on the situation in bahrain now as we've heard. security forces disburse thousands of government anti-protesters. they were in pearl square and the bbc panel is there as well. i believe you're at the main hospital. >> right. where the majority of the protesters who have been injured were taken. we've just confirmed with hospitalie adtted and treated for injuries. some of them severe, and three are in the morgue. they were killed during the clashes last night. the details of some of the injuries are pretty horrific. one man certainly appears to
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have been shot at very close range at the back of his head and a number of people are reporting not just tear gas and rubber bullets but also that live rounds were used at one point. we were speaking to a doctor that was there as a volunteer. he was there last night as a volunteer if they had basic needs. he was attacked and is now in intensive care with internal injuries. there's graphic detail on how he was beaten and cursed and how he feared for his life. >> on top of that. we were speaking to one eyewitness, a protester who said ambulances were also being targeted by security forces, ambulance drivers so they would not be in a position to help any of those injured. have you been able to pick up on that? >> yes. this is a common story here at the hospital. the scenes outside the hospital. there were 300-400 people
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really angry. we traveled here in an ambulance, because it was the only way to get through. and the doctor that was in the ambulance said the police stopped them from getting through to treat the injured. he said that at the point which the police moved in, all the ambulances at the hospital had been deliberately moved elsewhere so they weren't available to emergency staff, and the crowd were chanting fori er to redesign. -- to resign. so it's >> so it's absolutely clear what their intention was. what's been the reaction to those able to speak? are they -- by that security force response? >> there is certainly a mood of defiance here, but to be honest they are in shock at what's happened. we left the square later yesterday evening, and it was a
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festival-like atmosphere. there were people smoking pipes and singing. women and children were there. nobody saw this coming. the police deliberately moved to one side, which don't forget followed an apology after the death of two protesters earlier in the week, so there was no tron fear. so i think they are in a state of shock at the moment. them to work out whether there's a political or street response they can come to. the geography of bahrain makes it hard for them to gather easily in large numbers as it was in egypt. it's easy to stop the main roads. one other thing, we know there was a meeting of certainly a conference of members of the gulf corporation council taking place last night that the bahrain
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part in. we don't know the nature of those discussions, but it doesn't seem to me impossible to conclude that one of the topics is the instability near bahrain, and we know other gulf countries have a lot to fear if the government of bahrain appeared to be overthrown. >> thank you for bringing us up to date on the situation in bahrain. other news, a tourist boat has sunk off the coast of vietnam killing 11 foreigners and a vietse vietnamese were rescued. and a search under way to find other missing. britain, the u.s., australia and japan, those are the countries represented by the
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tourists that died. >> we know the boat went down at 5:00 a.m. and the passengers on board that boat would knows certainly have been asleep which explains why some were able to be rescued. we're hearing 15 have been rescued. nine foreigners and six vietnamese and one vietnamese are confirmed dead and the other foreign nationals. we understand there were u.s. citizens, british, australians, so the process is going on with the relevant ambassadors trying to help with the identifications. the bodies have been taken to the hospital. the british sbeafed sending a consulate team to the area from honeoye it would take roughly three hours to get there. >> with a look at the sporting world.
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>> two great matches in the championship league. arsenal against barcelona. comeback kings is the headline here. arsenal coming back from the goal down to stun barcelona and beat the favorites. >> half way there. they went out last year to barcelona, didn't they? >> yes. but then lost 4- 1 in the camp. that's certainly going to be the challenge. barcelona certainly are the favorites playing at home in front of their crowd. he said arsenal, still the underdogs. >> we dropped a little bit but threatening took advantage. the second a game as we like it.
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overall, a very exciting, special night. we would like to thank the fans. when you suffer sometimes the fans were very positive behind the team. >> those fans are going to have to play a bigger role yet. another great game of course last night as well. >> yes. five goals at the olympic stadium. coming out 3-2. another great night for italians. after milan was beaten 1-0. >> exciting stuff. looking forward to the next. for now, thank you very much indeed. >> right now how about this for a bizarre story. a human skull being used as a bowl for a cat. we are going back about 15,000 years. that's what was happening in of all places in the south of england in sommer set.
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scientists were looking at these sculls found in a government cave. they say they were being fashioned in such a meticulous way that they can't imagine they could be used as anything else than a bowl or drinking cup. there's an assumption that there would have been possibly cannibals involved in that? yo. but quite a picture there. more on that story on our website now also the british parliament has approved government plans to hold a referendum to change the voting system in national elections. in may the government is going to ask people whether they want to change the system where candidates win after the vote or where they would allow candidates to be ranked in order of preference.
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we have stories on the website about a computer called watson which is now more powerful in memory recall than human beings. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click-to-play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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